The Company


Founded in 1992 by Hermann Koroschetz, TB Agrartechnik today has a staff of seven employees with extensive and
well-founded know-how, obtained among others by university degrees in agriculture, biology and biotechnology. Anita Olson,
the current managing director, joined the company as a partner in 1994 and has long term and well-founded experience in
plant protection and biocidal products. The company is based in Bad Vöslau, a small town situated in one of the most
intensively utilised agricultural regions of Austria. TB Agrartechnik also is a testing facility officially recognised by the
Austrian Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry in accordance with the Austrian plant protection product law respectively
Regulation (EC) No. 1107/2009. The results of efficacy testing can additionally be used as a support in the registration of
the tested product within the European Community. TB Agrartechnik is specialised in the implementation and handling of the
registration of plant protection products, biocidal products and other chemicals.


TB Agrartechnik Team:

Ing. Anita Olson

Mag. Julia Hochwartner
Dr. Hannes Kempernek
Dipl. Ing. Doris Niedrist

Dipl.Ing.Karl Strutzenberger

Caroline Herzmaier, MSc





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